About us

WebbPlatsen i Sverige ABWith a variety of digital communication and IT services, we want to offer companies everything they may need to handle a professional and profitable relationship with their customers, suppliers and employees.

We have been delivering GDPR-safe Internet solutions since 1998, let us help you have a good digital everyday life!

How it started

Since the start of 1998 in Stockholm, WebbPlatsen have provided Internet-based solutions such as websites, e-mail, e-commerce and other web-based services to companies around Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world. Among our customers, there are many different types of companies represented, from funeral agencies, designers, events, travel agencies, craftsmen, hotels and shops to transportation and service companies. As the company’s knowledge area is not only within digital services, including system development, hardware and infrastructure, we have also delivered development, management and advisory services to companies.

Over the years, a number of services have been added, such as a newsletter service, domain management, search engine optimization, ftp and forum solutions, project tools, development tools, and customer-hired server solutions. We also build integrations between different systems as needed.

In 2007, we also started working with VAlain WebAgency SA in Luxembourg and together we have developed the xSentio concept, where our focus is on taking a holistic approach to our customers’ online presence by offering ready-made packages and proactively working with follow-up and advice to maintain a high quality and attractiveness for the customer’s sake.

During 2012 we expanded further and opened an office in Karlstad.

What we stand for

We would like to see overall commitments in which we take responsibility for the entire process from analysis, strategy and implementation to operations, management and support. For us it is important that you as a customer feel safe. Therefore, we are careful about where and how we keep your data. Our motto is to always help when needed. If any problems arise or if you want help with something or just ask us, we are only a call away.

We have UC’s gold emblem and highest credit rating

We are proud of this and continue to work long-term with our company, customers, suppliers and partners.


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