Issue Tracking System

Ärendehantering – Enkelt & Online

There are many different types of issues within an organization that need to be resolved during a workday. Customer Support helping external customers, internal IT-support and fault reports, work orders from partners etc. With xSentio Redmine, you can collect all issues in one place and depending on the participants’ various roles, the information will be accessible and handled by the right person.

It’s easy to prioritise and coordinate

To reach the goal of a joint project, it’s required that everyone does their part. In xSentio Redmine, all participants can see the time plan for the project, complete their tasks, update assigned issues and collect all information in one place, all to keep everything accessible for everyone in the organisation.

Get in control – don’t let anything fall between the cracks

When issues are registered with an end date, you will be notified in advance if it’s not completed yet. As project manager, you can easily generate reports of issues, both open and closed ones, to easily see who does what and when it needs to be resolved.

Communication and collaboration

In addition to manage issues, there is also a wiki that all participants can use for printing out forms, copy templates for common email replys and other essential information worth saving and sharing. There is also a forum where members can discuss and ask questions to each other.

Issue Tracking System Online

xSentio Redmine comes with a shared issue tracking system with search function. You can handle your tasks and issues while you’re on the go and work wherever you are. It’s always available, the only thing required is an Internet connection and a browser.