General Terms and Conditions

Updated 2024-01-01

1. Privacy Policy
When ordering from us, personal information is collected in order for the order to be executed.
In connection with registration and ordering, it is approved that WebbPlatsen i Sverige AB (“WebbPlatsen” henceforth) stores and uses this information in the business to complete the agreement with the Customer. This handling / storage takes place on the legal basis GDPR Article 6.1 b (Agreement). WebbPlatsen sells no address lists or personal information, the information stays with us. This information is also used to send out newsletters and offers. These mailings can be deactivated from the first mailing. According to the Personal Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the customer has the right to access the information we have registered about it (GDPR Article 15). If a personal data is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, the customer may request that the information be corrected or deleted within 30 days of receipt of the request (GDPR Articles 16 and 17) unless a legal basis prevents this. The customer is entitled to data portability. Requests for this are made by e-mail, letter or telephone. Requested information is only sent as a letter to the address register / company address. The customer is also entitled to submit complaints to the Data Inspectorate if the customer considers that the Web Site deals with data in violation of the GDPR Article 77. Our Backups are saved for a maximum of 30 days. WebbPlatsen ensures that our subcontractors who directly contribute to fulfilling agreements fulfill the conditions that have been set according to GDPR.
WebbPlatsen i Sverige AB, Box Box 5013, 650 05 Karlstad +46 (0)8 54 55 54 70,

2. General terms
These terms regulate the contractual relationship between WebbPlatsen and the Customer.
WebbPlatsen provides general information about the services via its website. WebbPlatsen’s messages to the Customer is made via e-mail and / or letter. Such notification is deemed to have been received seven days after its dispatch unless it appears likely that the message will arrive after that time. In the case of e-mail contact, WebbPlatsen uses the address “info @”, which is always considered to be delivered to the Customer.

3. Contract period and termination
Agreements shall be deemed to have been made by the Customer ordering the service and / or paid first invoice from WebbPlatsen, whereby the subscription begins to run. The subscription runs until further notice with a certain binding period (so-called contract period), which is one (1) year if otherwise not agreed in connection with Customer’s order. If Customer does not arrive with termination 30 days before such agreement period end, a new contract period will automatically commence and the subscription will be extended in accordance with the subscription terms applicable at the time of the extension, which are available on WebbPlatsens  website. It is the responsibility of the Customer to take part in subscription terms that apply at any given time. Termination must be made by letter or fax and must be signed by the Customer. Not paying the invoice is not to be regarded as a termination.

4. Agreement fees
Payment is made to WebbPlatsen in the form of the WebbPlats subscription fee that is valid at any given time. WebbPlatsen reserves the right to invoice Customer in advance. Payment is made against invoice. Payment must be made no later than 20 days after the invoice’s exhibition date unless otherwise agreed. Customer shall immediately notify WebbPlatsen if an invoice is considered incorrect. In case of late payment, interest on late payment is charged by 7.5% per month from the due date, statutory reminder fee and, where applicable, collection fee. Customer must notify WebbPlatsen in writing when changing the billing address. Invoice is sent in PDF format to the customer’s specified email address. If a paper invoice is requested, a billing fee is charged. This fee is currently SEK 36 + VAT but may be changed without further notice.

5. Transfer of Agreements
Subscriptions may not be transferred to an other Customer without the written permission from WebbPlatsen.

6. Limitation of liability of the parties
The parties’ liability for damage is limited to SEK 1,000 per twelve-month period, calculated from the date the subscription agreement entered into force. Possible damages do not include indirect damages or loss in Customer’s business operations. WebbPlatsen is not responsible for any inconvenience, damage or loss due to circumstances beyond the control of WebbPlatsen or which WebbPlatsen has not reasonably been able to control or anticipate. As a liberating circumstance, inter alia shall be considered; accidents, wars, riots, harsh weather, labor market conflict (whether or not it includes WebbPlatsen personnel), errors in another operator’s network and action or omission by the authorities or other outsiders.

7. Registration of Domain Name / Domain Services
Domain services include, when the Customer so requested, the application procedure as well as the technical and administrative management of the domain. WebbPlatsen provides name servers for the customer’s domains and ensures that the customer can use the domain name for e-mail and web sites in accordance with the service ordered. If only registration of domain names is ordered without services in general, or to the extent that web services are not included in the agreement, or when web services have not yet been taken into use by Customer by uploading web pages, then the Customer accepts that WebbPlatsen places an information page in connection with the domain, which may contain information about WebbPlatsen and WebbPlatsen services. Unless otherwise agreed, or when this is not possible,WebbPlatsen renews a registered domain name for the Customer and invoices the Customer in Swedish kronor according to the current price list. It is always Customer who is ultimately responsible for the domain and WebbPlatsen’s liability is in any case limited according to clause 6.

8. Websites on WebbPlatsens servers
The customer is entitled to own web pages on WebbPlatsens server within the framework of assigned storage space. The number of accesses and amount of data transferred per month is limited and details about this are found in the specifications for each web host. WebbPlatsen charges according to the established tariff if these values are exceeded. Customer may not resell or allow space to third parties.

9. Customer responsibility
The customer is responsible for the content of Customer’s web pages, correspondence and other activities that the Customer performs on the Internet or in systems connected to the Internet. This responsibility includes ensuring that the legislation in force is complied with at all times. The customer is responsible for ensuring that others who have been given the opportunity to use the service comply with these subscription terms. Customer is responsible for any necessary permits that exist to disseminate, receive or store information.

10. Suspension of Subscriptions
WebbPlatsen has the right, with immediate effect, to close a subscription and cancel the agreement, without repayment obligation of customers paid fees or by final invoicing the Customer for time up to the end of the contract period, if it turns out that the Customer used the subscription in an improper manner. Unauthorized includes but is not limited to: dissemination of information that may be illegal and to commit unlawful acts, to urge or enable others to commit illegal acts, via the Internet or related networks. marketing via mailing to e-mail addresses (so-called spamming / mailbombing) if the recipient did not give his consent in advance. another act which has resulted in considerable inconvenience for WebbPlatsen, WebbPlatsen’s system, other subscribers or the Internet and thus connected systems. utilization of the WebbPlatsen’s resources, such as servers, line capacity, etc., which to a significant extent exceed the average utilization of WebbPlatsen’s customers. The same shall apply if the Customer does not pay the invoice within the stated time, despite reminder.

For services where payment is not received by WebbPlatsen no later than the due date of the invoice, WebbPlatsen can shut down the service the day after the due date has passed. A cost of SEK 495 (ex VAT) is charged to reactivate the service.

If payment for the service, including any reminder and interest costs, is not received by WebbPlatsen no later than seven days after the invoice’s due date, WebbPlatsen can terminate the service and delete all data associated with the service, including backup copies. This does not affect the Customer’s payment obligation.

11. Amendment of Subscription agreements
WebbPlatsen has the right to upgrade a subscription form to another that covers Customer’s use of the WebbPlatsen’s resources, if Customer exceeds the limits or rules that apply to the originally entered subscription form. This will only happen after the Customer has been notified via e-mail about the change and given at least 14 days to rectify the situation. If, after 14 days, the Customer is still outside the scope of the contract form entered into, the Customer is automatically upgraded to the most suitable subscription form which, for the prevailing circumstances, gives the Customer the lowest costs. The customer is billed immediately for the difference between the subscription forms for the remaining time of the current subscription period. This section applies in particular, but not limited to, when Customer uses a private web hosting for commercial purposes. For commercial purposes, this refers to when the Customer; Promote products or services for your own or others’ profits Regularly use website and / or e-mail for professional traffic, whether it is your own business or as an employee Provides space for advertising banners or similar for the purpose of bringing in income Builds up portals, marketplaces or similar, which, although free of charge, can in future be converted for commercial purposes.

12. Changes to services and subscription fees
WebbPlatsen has the right, with immediate effect, to make changes to services or the fees for services that are directly attributable to a change in taxes, government levies, laws, exchange rates or other similar circumstance outside the control of WebbPlatsen which directly affects the services and / or their costs. WebbPlatsen reserves the right to make such changes to services that do not affect the content of the services, without informing the Customer. In the event of major changes to services or when raising subscription fees, the Customer shall be notified in an appropriate manner at least 45 days before the change takes effect. The Customer then has the right to terminate the agreement in accordance with clause 3. The fee reduction need not be announced.

13.  Personal Data Processing Agreement/ Data Protection Policy
WebbPlatsen protects our customers’ individual rights and your personal data. This data protection policy describes how we collect, use, store and share personal information. When signing an agreement with WebbPlatsen, these terms are approved. WebbPlatsen is responsible for the personal data and information we handle as (Personal Data) Controller and the (Personal Data) Processor for the information that our customers handle in the services we provide. We handle personal data for several reasons. When we write “you” we mean you as a customer, potential customer, employee of customer or other relevant person as the real principal, authorized representative. This handling is done in accordance with the GDPR (EU Data Protection Regulation). We use your personal information to fulfill legal obligations and agreements, as well as to provide you with offers, advice and other services. This Processing Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with – and having the definitions set out in – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Personal Data Controller
The Data Protection Controller is obliged to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, regarding personal data processing and the use of processors. The Data Protection Controller is entitled to control the Personal Data Processors personal data processing and shall in this case notify the documented instructions that are needed for the Personal Data Processor’s processing.

Personal Data Processor
The Personal Data Processor undertakes to only process personal data regarding agreed personal information in accordance with documented instructions from the Data Protection Controller and in accordance with this assistance agreement. The Personal Data Processor undertakes to comply with applicable law, in particular the Data Protection Regulation, when processing personal data. In addition, the Personal Data Processor undertakes to comply with regulations, statements and recommendations regarding permitted personal data management, notified by the The Swedish Data Protection Authority (DPA), relevant EU bodies and Swedish law. The personal data processor certifies that the necessary technical and organizational protection measures are taken regarding personal data, so that the processing complies with the requirements of the Data Protection Regulation and protects the data subjects’ rights. The personal data assistant shall, according to the Personal Data Responsibility Controller’s instructions, rectify, delete or transmit incorrect, incomplete or outdated personal data without undue delay in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Safety measures
The personal data processor shall take and maintain appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect personal data, without having the right to special compensation for this. The personal data processor’s security measures shall achieve the level of protection that follows from the applicable law as well as, the Data Protection Regulation and which is otherwise appropriate, taking into account technical possibilities, cost of implementation, special risks with the processing and to what extent the processed personal data is, or is likely to be perceived as, sensitive.  The personal data processor is responsible for ensuring that its own operations are conducted in a manner that otherwise ensures adequate information security. The personal data processor shall ensure that employees, consultants and others for whom the Personal Data Controller is responsible and who treats or has access to the personal data are bound by an appropriate confidentiality commitment and are informed of how personal data processing may take place in accordance with instructions from the Data Protection Controller. The technical and organizational security measures of the personal data processor shall be taken into account, taking into account the latest developments, implementation costs, the nature, scope, context and purpose of personal data processing, including risks for natural persons rights and freedoms of varying severity and probability, in order to ensure an appropriate level of security in relation to risk. The personal data processor’s implementation of security measures shall, where appropriate, include pseudonymisation and encryption of personal data, the ability to continuously ensure confidentiality, integrity, accessibility and resilience of the systems and services for processing as well as the ability to restore accessibility and access to personal data in a reasonable time upon physical or technical incident and procedures for regular testing, examination and evaluation of the effectiveness of security measures. When assessing the appropriate level of safety, particular consideration shall be given to the risk of accidental or illegal destruction, loss, alteration or unauthorized disclosure or access to the personal data.

The personal data processor shall immediately investigate the incident in case of an established or suspected security incident, such as unauthorized access, destruction, alteration or other unauthorized influence on the personal data, take appropriate measures to remedy the same and to prevent repetition and inform the Data Protection Controller by providing an incident report. An incident report shall include a description of the nature of the incident, categories of and the approximate number of data subjects concerned, and the categories and approximate number of personal records involved, description of likely consequences of the incident and an action plan, including, where appropriate, mitigation measures. negative effects. In addition, the incident report must contain contact information for data protection processors or other contact points for obtaining additional information about the incident.

Transer to third party
The personal data processor may not transfer personal data to third parties and may not disclose information about the personal data processing to third parties, without obtaining prior written approval from the Data Protection Controller.

Suppliers (Subprocessors)
WebbPlatsen undertakes to cooperate only / use subcontractors / subordinates whose personal data is handled in accordance with the GDPR (EU data protection regulation)

In order to ensure the maintenance of the appropriate level of security and compliance with this assistance agreement, the Data Protection Controller is entitled to the necessary transparency in the parts of the Personal Data Processor’s organization and systems that relate to the personal data processing.

Special compensation
The personal data processor is not entitled to special compensation for the fulfillment of responsibilities and obligations under this assistance agreement or to comply with the instructions regarding personal data processing that is communicated by the Data Protection Controller, other than when it is stated in written agreement.

Liability for injury
If the Personal Data Processor’s processing of personal data or failure to do so, in violation of this assistance agreement or with instructions from the Data Protection Controller, causes Personal Data Responsible Damage, such damage shall be replaced by the Personal Data Processor.

This agreement applies from the date of signature of the agreement and as long as the Personal Data Processor stores or otherwise processes personal data processing on behalf of the Data Protection Controller. At the termination of the Assistance Agreement, the Personal Data Processor shall, in accordance with the Personal Data Responsibility Controller’s instruction, delete or return all data containing personal data, on all media, whereupon personal data has been fixed, and then delete any copies in accordance with the GDPR (EU Data Protection Regulation)

Disputes and applicable laws
Article 28 The EU general data protection regulation and / or Swedish law apply to the agreement. After the dispute in connection with this assistance agreement shall be settled in accordance with the Main Agreement’s provision regarding dispute resolution. The customer has the right to submit complaints toThe Swedish Data Protection Authority (DPA) if the customer considers that WebbPlatsen handles data in violation of GDPR Article 77. Our Backups are saved for a maximum of 30 days.

14. Dispute
Disputes arising from this agreement that cannot be settled in good faith. They shall be settled in accordance with Swedish law in the Värmlands District Court.