Gantt chart

Gantt Schema.

You don’t have to be a seasoned project manager to appriciate the built in gantt chart and roadmap, giving you a great view of every step of your project and how each step connects with each other.

Get a complete overview of a project in the gantt chart

The gantt chart gives a clear graphical view of how assignments in a project are expected to be proceeded, but also how seperate parts are connected. An important function in the chart is the connection between tasks and the chance to see how they are depending on each other. Get a clear picture of what needs to be done first, what can be saved for later and what can be done at the same time. The advantage of gantt charts is that they are easy to understand and gives an overview of individual stages, showing when they need to be completed to not delay the entire project.

The roadmap is showing you the current state

When studying the roadmap you’ll see a list of the project’s current state and the progress of each phase of the project in the progress bar. The gradually growing pile is calculated from the specified %-done when updating issues. All registered issues per version are also listed with its temporary status, to provide a quick and clear overview.

Generate summaries and reports

From the issue list, you can generate various summaries and reports from the project. Print and save as PDF or export a .csv file for futher modifications in a program such as Excel. All visible details are clickable links that show the issue in detail. It’s also possible to export time-sheets for invoicing.

Focus on what really matters

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