Project Management Online

Projects and project management is a big part of running a company. To be able to keep track of anything from a internal software development project, a house move or the planning of a wedding or a birthday party, you need a project management tool that gets out of your way and enables you to be efficient and in control of your business. xSentio Redmine is a web-based project tool where you can collect everything related to the project. Create projects and sub-projects, break them into milestones (versions), create your own wiki as an internal knowledge base, invite project members and discuss questions that arise while the project is progressing.

Webbaserad projekthantering med xSentio RedmineWeb based project management

Within minutes, you go from fumbling in the dark to being on top of your project. With an online project management tool, you and your colleagues will be supported during all phases of the project, from start to finish. A tool that will help you sustaining an easy and efficient collaboration. Whether you are sitting in the office in Sweden or visiting your developer team in Poland, you will always have access to the latest version of your material and everyone involved can easily see who is responsible for what. Maybe you are tired of hauling a laptop around? xSentio Redmine looks as great on an iPad or any other tablet with a standard based web browser as on your regular PC or Mac.

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