Create issues

1. Go to the project you want to create a issue for and click New Issue

2. Choose Tracker

3. Fill in a descriptive title as Subject.

4. Enter a description of the case, eg things that need to be done. It is possible to format the text, create lists etc.

5. Choose appropriate settings for the Status and Priority of the issue.

6. Assign the issue to someone who is registered on the project. If the user is not already registered, this must be done first. Only administrators are allowed to register new users. If users are registered to the account but not the project, go to the project settings and add the user.

7. Choose the appropriate Version. That is, the phase of the project this issue belongs to.

8. If Category is enabled on the project settings, you can select a suitable category for the issue.

9. Parental activity you wl fill in if you want to link the case to another activity in the project. Here you enter the case number of the case to which this sub-activity should belong, ie the parents of the issue you are creating.

10. Then fill in the estimated time for the issue.
When you fill in an end date, you will receive a notification to your email well in advance of the issue passing the due date.

NOTE! All settings for the issues can be changed during the work.

11. You can also record an issue that you want to refer to in another of your systems as well as attach one or more files.

12. If you want one of the project members to monitor the issue, but not to do the work, select that. As a security precaution, you will receive notification to your e-mail when the issue is updated. If you do not see the person, click the Search for Watchers link to add.